How to migrate database from Oracle to MySQL?

First, ask yourself if it is really necessary to migrate since the procedure of transferring the database to another system takes a lot of resources. There is no proper answer to this question suitable for all possible situations. Migrating from Oracle to MySQL leads to multiple advantages: easy to learn and to use DBMS, the low total cost of ownership, tight integration with Web, large community of MySQL professionals, and much more. On the other hand, Oracle better fits for large and complicated data warehouses due to 100{ce88d5a18e1a1aad947865d43e59cfd431b4d6d6f2496e02cfb6acba464ed2cc} compliance with SQL standards and a wide range of powerful features.

The procedure of Oracle to MySQL migration

Database migration from Oracle to MySQL is usually implemented according to the extract-transfer-load (ETL) approach that consists of the following steps:

  • extract definitions of Oracle tables, indexes, and constraints as DDL-statements
  • convert those DDL statements according to the destination format and load them to MySQL
  • export Oracle data into comma-separated values (CSV) files as temporary storage
  • transform data in those CSV files according to MySQL format (if it is necessary) and load into the destination tables
  • export Oracle triggers, views, stored procedures and functions into SQL statements and source code
  • convert those statements and code according to the destination dialect of SQL and load it to MySQL database

The steps listed above illustrates that database migration from Oracle to MySQL is a tedious process demanding a lot of time and resources, especially for complicated databases with triggers, stored procedures and functions. Running this procedure manually may cause losing data integrity or breaking database logic due to human errors. This is the reason why many database professionals use special tools automating the migration process.

Oracle to MySQL converter

One of software tools to migrate from Oracle to MySQL has been developed by Intelligent Converters. This software company is focused on database migration and synchronization since 2001. Their program supports all versions of Linux/Unix/Windows Oracle and MySQL including such forks as MariaDB, Percona and SAAS variations. Oracle to MySQL converter handles the following entries with all related properties and attributes:

  • Schemas
  • Data
  • Indexes and constraints
  • Views

The application supports the command line for purposes of scripting and scheduling the database migration. Option of exporting Oracle database to MySQL script may help to resolve the situations when a direct connection to MySQL is not available. This is the list of another powerful feature of Oracle to MySQL converter:

  • Processing more than 20,000 rows per second on an average modern system
  • Merging and synchronizing MySQL database with Oracle data (only insert and update sync options are available)
  • Filtering data for conversion using SELECT-queries
  • Customizing structure of destination table (change type and name of columns, exclude particular columns from migration)
  • Conversion settings are stored into the profile to reuse in the next runs

Learn more about Oracle to MySQL database migration at the official site of Intelligent Converters.