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Top Secrets You Didn’t Know About Wave Curtains

The type of curtain header you choose determines how your curtains drape and how well they blend into your décor. One such curtain heading system that transforms simple curtains into a modern, striking design statement is a wave curtain heading.

Wave curtains are the new generation of style in the curtain industry, perfect for any home setting. When bunched up or open, the waves create a flawless, smooth look. Wave header curtains are the best alternatives to pencil pleat, traditional pinch, or goblet-style headings. They offer a stylish and unique finish to achieve a contemporary look.

 Here’s what you should know about wave curtains:

A Little Introduction To Wave Curtains

 Do you actually know what header is? It refers to the curtain top where the fabric is gathered. There is an enormous range of header types available in the market, each with a unique look. Among these options, wave curtains are best of all, and for good reasons. They are perfect for creating an informal and relaxed feel with their softly rippling folds.

 Where To Hang Wave Curtains?

 As wave curtains are fitted to a discreet, slim curtain track, making them suitable for all window sizes. With their relaxed and soft folds, wave curtains can create a contemporary look everywhere. Although they look great anywhere, they look particularly well in kitchen diners and large open-plan living rooms. So, don’t worry about the size of the window when looking for wave curtains, as they can certainly solve any window problem.

 These curtains also help if your problem is privacy, as you can choose blackout wave curtains. And if you want a little privacy with light, then Voile wave curtains could be a wonderful solution. Both these options can be fitted with a wave header.

Are Wave Curtains Suitable For Small Windows?

If your window is small in size and you want to create an elegant look, then fit your wave curtains to the ceiling rather than onto the window frame. This will make your small windows look grander and taller than they really are.

Having a limited wall space on either side of your window? Don’t worry; the unstructured style of wave curtains means they will fold up neatly when completely open. So, we can say that wave curtains could be ideal for small-sized windows.

Are Wave Curtains Compatible With Different Systems?

You’ll be surprised to know that wave curtain tracks are compatible with a range of systems such as – Hand or cord-operated curtain tracks, Electrically operated curtain tracks, and Metropole—a decorative curtain pole system that comes in multiple sizes and colors.

Can Wave Curtains Make Any Window Stand Out?

Wave curtains can expose the full glory of your window when they pull right back to the sides. These curtains will value your view by framing it beautifully. As wave curtains show off large, smooth pattern repeats, they can be the best choice for any window!

Planning To Buy Wave Curtains? Consider Glider Spacing

To achieve a good wave effect, ensure that gliders are evenly spaced. Always choose from:

  • 80mm space glider cord— Ideal for heavier fabrics and create more defined, deeper waves
  • 60mm spaced glider cord—Ideal for lightweight fabrics and creating shallower waves