Rolex Cellini: All You Need To Know

There was a change in this last year when Rolex released three new Cellini automatics: one for time and one for the date. The Cellini gold dress watch collection is less well known than Rolex’s Oyster series. With manual-wind movements, this could be a factor. For more information, check out,

The Cellini has Rolex’s in-house Caliber 3132, which is also used in the Explorer and is known for its durability and accuracy, is used in this model. The watch has the look and feels of a well-kept 1950s classic. A curved, polished case, a narrow bezel with a fluted ring, a domed and polished case back with a little, flat-pronged buckle, and glossy, varnished straps with thin, flat-pronged clips are some of the design elements that are reminiscent of Rolex’s past. The 39-mm case diameter of this watch is just suitable for today’s wrists.

Because luminous coating was omitted in favor of an elegant design, the hands contrast well enough with the dial to simplify reading the time. Having no date display and a fluted crown makes the watch look and operates more elegantly.

The finishing touches on Cellini Time are exquisite. This watch is perfect, including the dial, hands, and case. Inner lugs and buckle surfaces, where burrs and uneven spots can be seen, are particularly noticeable because of the high quality of polishing. Spring bars that slope and a matching strap conforming to the case are also high quality. The spring bars are positioned relatively low on the lugs to enhance comfort.

The curved back of the case provides a comfortable fit for the wrist. This was probably due to the strap being stiff and resisting bending, which caused the watch to sway back and forth. While small cracks aren’t distracting, perfectionists may find the less pliable nature of a varnished strap bothersome. The high polish case makes even the most minor blemishes stand out.

However, the movement does not need to keep its identity a secret. The rotor of Calibre 3132 has a sunburst finish, the bridges have parlance, the screw heads have been polished, and some of the edges have been beveled. An adjustable balance bridge, blue Parachrom free-sprung balance spring, and fine regulation via screw weights on the balance wheel round out the movement’s features.