Top 5 Ways To Boost Your Calcium Intake

Some enormous minerals and vitamins are beneficial for a healthy body. Out of all those, Calcium is the most popular one. To keep your bones and teeth fit and healthy, you must have a proper and adequate intake of Calcium.

A sufficient quantity of Calcium is a must to have strong teeth, stronger legs, joints, and good calcium bone (แคลเซียม, which is the term in Thai). Calcium is a mineral that helps to manage the functioning of the muscles and nerves. It also balances and maintains the pH level of the body.

If there is no proper intake of Calcium, then it will result in memory loss, muscle pain, joint pain, depression, and all such problems. So, you must take the necessary steps to cope with your calcium intake.

Helpful Advice To Boost Calcium Intake

  • Increase Your Vitamin D Intake

Vitamin D is essential to increase your body’s absorption of Calcium. Sun is the natural source of Vitamin D. So try to take sufficient sunlight daily. Make sure not to spend too much time in sun exposure as it might lead to cancer, so always monitor the timing when under the sun. Also, eat food rich in Vitamin D, like dairy products. You can also use Vitamin D supplements to fulfil the calcium intake.

  • Quit Drinking Soda

Drinking excessive soda and carbonated drinks like cold drinks can hinder your calcium intake and make you Calcium deficient. So it advises staying away from carbonated drinks. Excessive diet drinks might cause an abrupt increase in the phosphate levels in your blood. Also, if you have a habit of drinking alcohol, then drink in moderation.

  • Avoid Excessive Caffeine

Many people prefer to drink coffee in the morning. If you are already Calcium deficient, then avoiding coffee and other caffeinated drinks will be good. The caffeine in coffee can weaken calcium bone by allowing them to lose Calcium and other minerals. You can switch to the alternate option, which is green tea.

  • Minimize Sodium Consumption

When there is a high intake of sodium in any form like salt or other, it hampers your body’s calcium level. All you have to do is avoid proceeding food and high salt content food.

  • Consume Calcium-Rich Foods

Try to include food that is rich in Calcium. There are ample foods rich in Calcium like milk, curd, soybeans, Fortified cereals, dark leafy green vegetables, and other dairy products.

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