How To Keep Safe Your Rolex Watch

Buying a Rolex watch is an expensive expense. You spend dollars to buy a stylish and attractive watch. These watches have a delicate part which is required to be kept properly for enjoying it for years. Taking care of it keeps your watch as new. Even your next generation will enjoy it if you keep it properly. The maintenance of the NGG Timepieces (เอ็นจีจีไทม์พีซ, which is the term in Thai) watch is also essential for keeping it fresh and in working condition. The Rolex watch owner should follow specific ways to keep the watch in working condition. They are as follows:

Wear It Regularly

Although Rolex watches are known for their quality and durability, your watch may get scratches. If any damage is caused to sapphire crystal, it costs you a lot. Most Rolex watches run automatically because of the hand movements; hence, to keep them in the running condition, it’s essential to wear them regularly.

Use Storage Case

In case you wear your watch daily or frequently and want to use the storage case that is simple to use, then select the case that has a soft padding. It helps keep the watch away from scratches and protects it from all types of damage. The original case you get with the watch is also a good option for keeping your watch regularly for traveling by tracing a watch for its safety.

Keep It In A Soft Cloth

Wrapping the Rolex NGG Timepieces in a soft cloth protects the watch from moisture and scratches. After wrapping it, you can also store it in the box with a lock system. Keeping it in the locker, keep your watch away from unauthorized access.

Clean The Watch Properly

Cleaning a watch depends on how often you use it. If you prefer to use it daily, then it’s beneficial to clean your watch every week. If you have a metal Rolex watch, use warm water to clean it. There is a specific area where it’s difficult to clean it. For that, you can use a soft brush that reaches the area and clean it without causing any scratches.

Servicing Of The Watch

Taking your Rolex watch to the service center is beneficial to keep it in good working condition. You can also take it to a watchmaker, and they will clean and polish your watch perfectly.


To protect your watch, you must take care of it in every possible way. Caring for the NGG Timepieces makes it look fresh and increases the watch’s life.

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