Things You Need To Know To Improve Your English Accent

If you are learning English, then one thing you would be very confident about is that spelling is not helpful if you want to say a word correctly. English spelling has surely evolved with time, but whatever you pronounce word has not. This makes pronunciation a bit of a challenge, especially for language learners. If you want to learn How to Improve your English accent (วิธีฝึกสำเนียงภาษาอังกฤษ,which is the term in Thai), then you are on the right page as you can get all the answers here.

Tips To Follow To Improve TheEnglish Accent

· Even Before You Learn How To Speak, You Need To Learn To Listen First

There are several guides where you can Start learning how to listen well. Once you start listening, you will get an idea of how to speak that word. Hence listening is important even before you know how to speak.

· Start Breaking Down Huge Words Into Syllables.

Every English word has some syllables. A syllable is nothing but the pronunciation unit featuring a vowel which might also have some consonants. A woven includes A E I OU. the consonant would be any sound you would not consider a vowel sound. Most English words feature two syllables, and some might even have 3. Whenever you encounter any huge words you struggle to pronounce, you must break them down. Instead of pronouncing the entire term, you should always consider speaking the syllables.

· Always Consider Choosing One Accent And Stick With That Accent.

One of the best parts of improving your English pronunciation would be choosing one accent. There are various accents globally, and you must choose the accent from the home country but also understand that you would be switching to the English accent. There are mainly two types of English accent which includes North American and British English. It would be best if you always chose the accent that suits your type the most. Suddenly when you select any accent, you must learn English all over again because it is impossible to master it overnight.

· Start Listening To Some Audiobooks And Talk To Your Teachers.

You just look at the recipe whenever you do not know how to cook a dish. You watch the entire video if you want to learn some level in your game, so learning English should not be any different. Whenever you are not able to understand the pronunciation, you should write down there are some words. You should always keep a tab on the challenging words. Whenever you are stuck with an accent, you should listen to the video and check the captions in front of you.

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