Teaching Grammar: Essential Points To Know

There is no need for a tenured teacher to teach good grammar. Everyone can. Remembering the essentials of every great lesson is all that is required. For your next grammar tutoring (ติว grammar, which is the term in Thai) lesson, consider six points.

How to teach Excellent Grammar In Six Steps

· Observe Your Students’ Prior Knowledge

You must strike a delicate balance when teaching grammar. You may be teaching grammar incorrectly if you’re doing it at the students’ level. It’s possible to introduce new grammar concepts at i+1 while still being able to connect them to what students already know.

· Observe Your Students’ Learning Processes

It is essential to understand your students’ learning styles to deliver a successful course as a teacher. Learning styles like visual, kinesthetic, verbal, and auditory learners are well-known. These elements must be a part of most lessons. Engage the kinesthetic senses of your students by getting them moving.

· Get Students Ready for class

In grammar tutoring, before teaching the solution, make students aware of the problem they have in their grammar minds. This will get them thinking about the structure they currently lack. For this reason, they will pay greater attention when you present the information and have a quick way of applying what they’ve learned.

· Stay Focused, And Don’t Get Sidetracked!

While this is true, it does not imply that you must keep the classroom completely silent the entire time you’re teaching. You want a classroom full of voices, but those voices should not come from you. You should allow the students to engage in interactions. The discovery method of teaching grammar might be worth a shot; in this approach, you provide students with an exercise and the answers before going into detail on the concept.

· Encourage Student Development By Providing Opportunities For Experimentation

Your students should not only practice their grammar by filling in the blanks in a textbook exercise, but they should do so in a variety of ways. To get the most out of grammar lessons, students should have the opportunity to work on the target structure both orally and in writing.

· Intense Interaction

In grammar tutoring, a strong emphasis should be on communication in a communicative setting. It refers to putting theoretical knowledge into action and expressing their thoughts in writing or verbally. Grammar lessons that students can use to communicate with each other are the best ones for you to teach.

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