Understanding Pre-rolled Cones and Their Features

Understanding Pre-rolled Cones and Their Features

With the rising popularity of cannabis in the market, terpene infused pre-rolled cones are becoming the preferred smoking option of my consumers. They are efficient, easy-to-fill, and flavourful joints, perfect for those who want a healthy smoking experience.

However, with many pre-rolled cones available, you want to ensure your cones are high-quality. A bad cone with no terpene can ruin your buds, making your smoking activity less sensational. It can be overwhelming to pick the suitable ones, but it would be easy if you knew what features you need to consider.

Features of a Pre-Rolled Cone

One of the primary reasons people love pre-rolled cones is that they come in different variations. When buying one, you need to consider the size, material, and shape that will match your preferences. Pre-rolled ones are usually made of:

Palm Leaves

Palm leaves are known for their neutral flavour, slow burning rate, and structural stability. These are studier than other materials, making them one of the best components of a cigar wrap. While palm is hard to tar, it is rigid. It means you can wrap a lot into a palm cone, but it will break once you accidentally sit on it.

Rice Paper

If you want a gentle yet memorable smoking activity, opting for rice paper pre-rolled cones is an excellent option. These cones provide clean smoke with little to no effect on taste.


Hemp is one of the healthiest blunt-wrap styles in the cannabis industry. These are becoming popular because of their sustainability and well-crafted products. However, hemp papers can only give a slight flavour in your smoke.

Cotton Cellulose

Cotton cellulose appears like a plastic cling wrap made from cotton. They are clear and durable, making them one of the most in-demand smoking options. If you want a unique smoking experience, trying pre-rolled cones made from cotton would be best.

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