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Tips to Utilise your Dining Room Corners

Not everyone is blessed with a large and spacious dining room. If you are blessed with one, you should make the most of it. Although people pay attention to design and seating arrangement, they do not focus on space efficiency. As a result, the dining room design appears awkward and incomplete. The corners are generally the most ignored spaces. This is mainly because of their awkward shape, where you cannot fit everything. However, you can easily take care of this problem with a few simple tricks. If you are not aware of them, here are a few:

01 of 06 A small seating arrangement

Many people have large rooms, where the entire dining room essential can fit in just one side of the room. You should not waste the rest of the space by using it. A smart way to make your large dining room more functional and appealing is by creating a small living space on the other side. This dining room idea is particularly for very large spaces. You can get a small sofa and two armchairs for your seating arrangement. If more space is available, you can place a small coffee table in the centre as well. It will become a nice cosy space for your entire family to spend some quality time together. You can use this space for entertaining your guests, also.

02 of 06 Add an extra seat

Although the seating arrangement mentioned above is perfect for creating a seating area in the dining space, many people might not have such a large dining room. In such cases, people have to look for more compact options. A cosy armchair can be used for this purpose. It will not occupy too much free space and can be easily placed in any corner. A person can rest comfortably on it. For making the seating more comfortable, leave an ottoman in front of it so that people can relax their legs. You can easily find them in many colours and designs to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your dining room design

03 of 06 A reading nook

Are you a bookworm? Then, here is some good news. Many book lovers prefer a dedicated seating space where they can be comfortable and away from all distractions. The corner of a dining room is one of the best places for your reading space. You can create a beautiful reading nook by adding a chair to the corner. It will be away from all the commotion in the house and allow you to concentrate. Also, you will be able to sit on it comfortably if you just place an ottoman in front of it. Just make sure that you place a floor lamp by the chair so that you keep the space well-lit while reading. A pendant light hanging from the top can light up the space as well. 

04 of 06 Create storage space

Corners are awkward spaces that cannot be used for various purposes. However, you can certainly create storage space. Many storage solutions are available that make use of the corner space efficiently and help to create a more functional dining room. Various tall units featuring cabinets and drawers are very popularly used in homes for making use of space. They offer plenty of storage for various items. If you want to choose simple solutions, go for regular shelves. They are very popular for corner storage. You will be able to store plenty of items on them and can keep them displayed for elevating the appeal of the living room design. 

05 of 06 Create a fireplace

A fireplace can be created in your dining room corner. It will be an amazing addition to your dining room design. However, this dining room idea is not for everyone. India has a warm climate, and only certain parts receive extremely cold temperatures. If you live in these cold regions, you can surely consider installing a fireplace. It will keep your room warm. By adding a few chairs in front of it, you can create a great spot for the entire family to come together and spend some time during cold nights. Do not worry if you have a small dining room. There are many many modern, compact and sleek fireplace designs available. 

06 of 06 Create a workstation

A huge number of people have started working from home these days. If you work from too, you should create a separate working space in your interior home design. It will help you to concentrate better and be more productive. However, it can be difficult to create a workstation in small homes. A smart way to incorporate it into your interior home design is by making use of the dining room corner. You just need to set a table and chair, and your office space will be ready!

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