Planning for Blepharoplasty Determining the Ideal Age for It 

Planning for Blepharoplasty: Determining the Ideal Age for It 

A common goal for many people is to look younger and more refreshed. The sagging of the eyelids that comes with age makes us look older and more exhausted. One option for dealing with this is Blepharoplasty Surgery (หนัง ตา ตก แก้ไข, which is the term in Thai), which involves removing extra fat and skin from the eyelids to provide the appearance of younger, refreshed skin. But you should think about when you’re old enough to have this operation.

When Is The Best Time To Get Blepharoplasty?

Eyelid drooping is a common occurrence beyond the age of 30. However, younger patients can also opt for blepharoplasty. Plastic surgeons typically advise patients to be at least 18 before treatment. Patients of any age with excess skin on their upper eyelids obstructing their vision can have the treatment. Natural deformities or accidents are two possible causes of such unusual circumstances.

Things Patients Need to Think About Before Eyelid Surgery

So, to ensure this is the best option for you, there are some things to consider before you have the treatment.

Current Health Situation

If you want your Blepharoplasty Surgery to go smoothly and safely, it’s essential to consider your health before the procedure. There is a higher chance of issues during surgery and slower healing for patients with preexisting medical illnesses such as cardiovascular disease or immunological diseases. Drugs or lifestyle choices, such as smoking, might also impact surgery results. Surgeons can decrease risks and maximize the possibility of successful and safe eyelid surgery by examining a patient’s health beforehand. It allows them to make informed judgments, adjust the surgical approach, and provide essential safeguards.

Aesthetic Objectives

One should consider one’s unique goals and aspirations during this operation because of its individualized nature. A thorough explanation of your aesthetic goals will help your cosmetic surgeon meet your demands better. The key to getting pleasing results complementary to your facial features is an open and honest conversation about what you want.

Lifestyle Difficulties

When thinking about getting eyelid surgery, it’s essential to think about how it will affect your daily routine. Your skincare routine, alcohol intake, and smoking status all affect how well and how long your results last. For example, a healthy skincare regimen can help keep the advantages of surgery over time, whereas smoking can slow healing and raise the chance of problems. Adopting a lifestyle promoting optimal care is vital to achieving the most significant potential result after surgery.