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Looking To Free Up Your Living Space? Here Is The Solution!

If the answer to the following statements is YES, you probably need a service like i-Store GO. These are the services that keep Bangkok moving smoothly and efficiently.

You don’t know what to do with the extra belongings at your home or office!

  • You want to renovate/repaint your home or office but don’t know where to keep the household or office belongings!
  • You want to move to another home or office and need storage to keep your belongings safe!
  • Due to some sad incident, you need to cut down on your belongings without throwing or selling them if you are emotionally attached to them!
  • Due to the purchase of new home appliances, you need to store the old working appliances in some safe place and wish to gift them to your friends/relatives at an apt time. Or if you want to sell it out and wait until you get the right customer!
  • You have a job outside of your living city or abroad, wish to rent out your flat, and are worried about where to keep your household belongings!
  • Worried about where to store the old business records safe and secure!
  • You are moving from a large flat to a small flat and don’t know where to keep the extra furniture that won’t accommodate in the new area!

For all the above worries, storage solution companies are here to help you!

For any item, small or big, they have solutions to keep your belongings safe and secure. They will maintain all your belongings by cleaning them regularly.

The services are quite simple. When you call them, they will come to your place, pack the belongings for long-term storage, and then move them to their storage facility.

They provide you with the facility of managing the inventory online; you just need to upload the images of your belongings for better inventory management. You can view your belongings anytime by logging in to your account.

The storage facility is equipped with 24 hrs CCTV monitoring to avoid unforeseen incidents.


Storage solutions are a great service whenever you plan to make your living area bigger. In the comfort of your home, you can call them (Bangkok Moving) and ensure that all your belongings are stored safely and can be delivered immediately to your place whenever you want them back.

Though it comes at a price, it is worth it compared to managing those back at your home or office and keeping them clean. Working is going to take a substantial time and energy of yours.

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