Get Convenient And Modern Rental Space At Ratchada

It is tough to find spacious rental spaces at Ratchada. And even if you find one on the internet, the size of the apartments is not mentioned. Also, the travel convenience is not that good. So, with just a click (คลิก, which is the term in Thai) the CW Towers are providing you with the perfect solution, so let’s see.

What Do You Get From Cw Towers?

Simply put, CW Tower is a standard-sized office building available for rent. This building is located in Thailand at the heart of Ratchada, and even better, it’s situated near MRT Station. 

It’s not news that Ratchada is one of the top choices of companies looking for growth and superior quality of life for its employees. 

  • In CW Towers, you’ll get modern and convenient office space. 
  • The location of the building is one of the finest you can get. It’s situated in the centre of Ratchada, where the shopping centres and business centres like Big C and Esplanade are located.   
  • It has a very convenient travel system as the CW Tower is near the MRT station.
  • Apart from these, you’ll get a high standard and highly experienced professional management that will cover all the maintenance and development.
  • If you want to decorate the office the way you want to, choose an empty office. But CW Towers also has the facility of a fully furnished office.
  • This tower had a high standard security system and a safe and clean environment all over the building.
  • Also, the CW Tower provides space for shops and services.

Building Information Of Cw Towers

It’s a vast area to cover in this article. This tower has two towers, tower A and tower B. Tower A has 51 floors and is based on 39,013 square metres. And tower B has 46 feet and is based on a total area of 23,497 square metres. And that’s not it; this tower Also has podium space of 6 floors.

Towers A and B are perfect for office buildings and fully air-conditioned buildings. Then it has LED TO bulbs, also the facility of parking. And the podium is ideal for retail space, it also has parking facilities, and the air conditioning is available from day tonight. To know everything in detail, click on the CW Towers. 


The CW Towers are everything you need. The facilities of the towers themselves are brilliant. It gives you the modern and professional environment to carry forward your business. So what are you waiting for? You are just a click away.

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