Emerging Trend of NFTs and Comic Books

You should be aware of the emerging trend: non-fungible token format comics, whether you collect comics out of nostalgia, financial gain, or pure love. The NFT broadens the collecting experience by enabling the possession of digital reproductions of rare comics. As NFT owners, you will have a variety of possibilities to actively participate in the effort rather than just acting as passive faucets like in the world of BattleSpecies with its own digital token TACHYON. You can choose to either leave the NFT and merge into the greater digital scene, or you can sell the comic for a profit.

Why are online comics so well-liked?

Demand, then, is the answer. More and more comic art aficionados request artists to draw in a digital setting. There is a general tendency here. However, the artists miss out since they miss the chance to sell unique works of art. Even if the digital file can be purchased, the buyer can simply make copies of it to give to others. When this happens, the artwork’s value decreases. Therefore, buying the original item is usually better.

How might NFTs change the rules of the game for those who write comic books?

In this “digital” era, the individuality of artists’ work has diminished. Consequently, many artists have reportedly found NFTs to be particularly alluring. They can go digital thanks to tokens, which also raise the collectability of the resulting digital product.

Additionally, artists get paid significantly more for digital than for physical copies. A comic book artist’s income in the US is actually only about $40,000 on average, which is obviously a pittance given the tremendous joy and thrill they provide readers. The stakes are significantly bigger in the digital sphere.

What do comics as NFTs entail?

The non-fungible tokens known as comic NFTs represent real comics. In order to purchase a digital copy of the comic, readers must pay an edition-specific NFT. To access all of their favorite comic book series, people may now pay membership fees online, but this is more of a renting agreement than a true ownership transaction.

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